Hey! What's up?! Mrs. Tomlinson told us that we are to write a research paper that is worth 455 points. Well, isn't that nice. (Wah, Wah, Wah...)
At least we get to pick our own topic and post it on our Wiki. The bad part is that I wanted my research paper to be about the death penalty since I was arguing about it the other day, but sadly Mrs. Tomlinson placed an example on her Wiki having to do with the death penalty, so that idea is definitely out. I've been searching around the internet for a good topic and I narrowed it down to this:

· Stem cell research
· Genetic engineering (The "perfect child". Why would you want to plan what your child is going to be like? Watch the movie GATTACA.)
· The 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms (Should we really keep arms in our houses?)
· The anti-immigration movement going down in Arizona (Why? What is the point? I am definitely not going to Arizona until that law is not in effect. Just saying.) ( Ha-Ha...a funny joke popped into my head..."If a police officer in Arizona asks me for papers and I say scissors, do I win?J
· Diamonds (You're going to have to watch the movie Blood Diamonds to understand the deal with the U.S buying diamonds from Africa.)
· Fad diets (Like the South Beach Diet. Do they even work? Probably not, so why risk it?)
· Alternative energy resources: Nuclear Power (Why do we even use this kind of power? Sure it's "alternative", but no one knows what to do with the waste, no one wants the waste near them, and it's highly dangerous, possibly radioactive.)
· Zoos (Are we really helping animals or are we hurting them more?)

Well, the truth is none of them interest me as much as the death penalty, but the fad diet idea sounds a bit interesting. I think I'm going to write my research paper on fad diets. Hopefully it'll turn out awesome and I will not procrastinate (if that's possible). So, look around if you want.



Original image found at: http://weightlosswiththefabulousfatties.wordpress.com/2009/06/23/to-cleanse-or-not-to-cleanse/

Here is a video I found on YouTube explaining what a fad diet is and what it does...and yea. Take a look if you want.

Well, here's a link to Mrs. Tomlinson’s page with the assignment. You can take a peek if you want. You don't have to though because it's mostly for my benefit.