Well, this outline was certainly difficult to write. Not that I expected it to be easy. I received a good grade on it though. So…it’s all good. Hopefully, it will be good enough to extract a rough draft from. I never really use an outline when I write a paper. I mean I do write an outline, but I always end up not using it and winging it with the information that I am most familiar with. Well, look around for some awesome visual objects. They may actually be interesting and/or funny, but I think everything is amusing, so, you'll be the judge of that. :P

Here is my outline, finally…so, take a peek at what my paper will be like. Wait, on second thought just ignore the link down there so you will be ultimately surprised at my rough draft. In a good way, though. Hopefully.

Oh, look at what I came across. It’s a comic! Go ahead and read it!



No offense intended to anyone…especially the French…