Hey, well this here is my proposal page (obviously) and my proposal is down there, finally finished. So, you can look at it if you want, but it will not be good since it is still the 1st step in this research project thing and my 1st things are always terrible. I’ll try to update my thesis, just in case I tweak it for grading purposes. Well, don’t just sit there and stare at your computer…go look at something on my Wiki that is interesting. :D

(6) Since I eat whatever I want and I don't worry about my weight since I am a walking twig, I find it hard to believe that people would risk going on diets that promise you will "burn calories faster" and promise you "great results faster". (1) The specific topic of my research paper is on fad diets. (2) I intend to find out if these fad diets can hurt you and what results they promise to give you. (3) My intended audiences are my peers and people want to lose a few pounds fast. (4) My intention is to inform the reader of the true results of following some popular diets. (5) Even though it is a fast way to lose weight, people should not follow fad diets because they might not give you the results you want, have a restrictive nature, and are not considered safe for weight loss.

Tweaked thesis.
Thesis Statement— Even though they seem like a good way to rapidly lose some pounds, people should not try fad diets because cost a lot of money, do not work, and cause many health problems.

Newer Thesis: Used in Rough Draft
Even though they seem like a good way to rapidly lose some weight, people should not try fad diets because they are costly, may not work, and may cause many health problems.

Now…would you really want to give this up? I sure am NEVER going to and I advise you not to. Just do not eat too much. Trust me. J


Well, here's a link to my proposal on a Word doc. You don't have to look at it; it's mostly for Mrs. Tomlinson's benefit. :P

Well here's my topic and stuff...